I’m fascinated by the intersection of storytelling, design and technology. 

I’ve designed and developed award-winning digital editorial products: data visualizations, news apps, iPad magazines and multimedia story verticals. I’m currently a designer at The Washington Post.

While not on the job, I code, hike, volunteer and try to find the best sandwiches in town.




Aftershock is a web app that tells personalized stories on how the pending Cascadia earthquake will affect any Oregonian where they live and how they can prepare.

Data And Graphics

A collection of data visualization, video, maps and interactives.

OPB Magazine

OPB Magazine was a monthly iPad publication told stories of the northwest while exploring possibilities of the medium.

Analyzing Northwest Drought

Using Northwest reservoir data, we explain how drastic changes depend on snow pack and rainfall and how these levels can be a greater evidence of climate change.

Thin Ice 

Thin Ice tells the story of a pair of Oregon cavers that identified the largest glacier cave in the lower 48 states. 

Wild Horses In Crisis

Wild Horses In Crisis explores the bureaucracy that captures, feeds and stockpiles horses in captivity.



I’m always interested in talking to new and wonderful people about collaborating, volunteering, or just chatting about good work over a cup of coffee.