Adventures In iPhone Photography

While hiking around the last few months, carrying a DSLR for miles just didn’t seem worth the few photos for some hikes when I reached a peak or waterfall. To make my pack more lightweight, I ditched the camera bag and made the most out of my iPhone. I purchased a gorillapod knockoff from Amazon, played with some cheap iPhone lenses and purchased Camera+ for long-exposure photography.

The most notable drawbacks of my iPhone over my DSLR:

  1. The lack of color depth: whites easily get blown out and blacks get crushed, even in HDR mode.
  2. Playing with depth of field isn’t really an option, unless you’re with a foot of your subject.
  3. Limited color range starts to be a factor when photographing scenes with gradual gradients; like sunsets.




Lady Bird Johnson Grove

41.31° N, -124.03° W

Fern Canyon

41.40° N, -124.07° W


Of The


Wahclella Falls

45.61° N, -121.95° W

Upper Latourell Falls

45.53° N, -122.21° W

Latourell Falls

45.53° N, -122.21° W


Three Sisters


Broken Top

44.08° N, -121.69° W



Creeks Lake

44.10° N, -121.63° W


Great Basin
National Park


Wheeler Peak Camp

39.01° N, -114.30° W
Elevation: 9,886 ft.

Mather Overlook

39.02° N, -114.28° W